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Hhart 1 day ago

Chicken-N-French Toast

Amazing meal! The chicken is the best in town! Highly recommend!

Dleemonroe 3 days ago

Biscuit Meal Deal

The atmosphere is incredible and the food is phenomenal! The portion sizes are huge! They serve it quickly, accurately, and with class! Sadly, I'm not local, but this is the spot to eat if you are!

Atidwell1108 10 days ago

Chicken Basket


Mullis99 22 days ago

Famous Fried Chicken Sandwich

Great fried chicken sandwich. Juicy chicken and wonderful taste. Never had a bad meal here! Everything is good.

Laverdureeunice about 1 month ago

Famous Fried Chicken Sandwich

O wow! Simply delicious!

Jnmullis about 2 months ago

Chicken Biscuit

We come every Saturday just for a Nashville hot chicken biscuit and a chicken biscuit combo. We bring the dog and she loves sitting out meeting everyone that walks by. We love the local and all of their super friendly staff.

Jamiyahbennett about 2 months ago

Skin-On Mashed Potatoes

Ok I was looking for nearby places to try out with good food, and let me just say my decision to go to this place was a good one! I ordered the skin on mashed potatoes and some string beans and a juicy fried chicken breast. It was so gooood. I could've eaten there twice in the same day. It's something you just have to try instead of going to your usual. The wait time was fairly quick and the customer service was more than welcoming. They have daily specials and their food was fresh! Will definitely be trying some other dishes soon!

Rladebra 2 months ago

Mom's Meatloaf

Fantastic! So good.

Samanthacastilla 3 months ago

Chicken-N-French Toast

Delicious! Savory crunchy chicken goes perfectly with the fluffy and sweet French toast. Can't wait to have it again!

Jo 3 months ago

Chicken-N-French Toast

This is my absolute FAVORITE dish from any breakfast restaurant. I would definitely recommend! 10/10!!!

Elena 4 months ago

Famous Fried Chicken Sandwich

This place is amazing. Everything tastes fresh. I'll definitely be returning!

Kayybabeey 4 months ago

Famous Fried Chicken Sandwich

This is the best fried chicken I have had since I have eaten my grandmothers! The cabbage slaw on the sandwich goes perfectly with the sandwich. The chicken is super crunchy on the outside, but melts in your mouth soon after! I absolutely love this sandwich! I definitely plan on trying more meals at The Marietta Local.

Ldblaw65 5 months ago

Stone-Ground Cheese Grits

too delicious to put into words!

Ldblaw65 5 months ago

Roasted Chicken

Best Dish EVER!!!

Rheinrichlaw 5 months ago

Chicken-N-French Toast

Chicken and FRENCH TOAST?!?! What an AMAZING idea!!!! I couldn't wait to try and i'm SO GLAD I did! The chicken's savory crust is seasoned to absolute perfection and married to the sweet of the quintessential grilled french toast. Tastebuds burst with flavor and with every bite it quickly becomes evident there's a lil' LOVE sprinkled on the dish. I know this because thoughts of going back make me feel warm and fuzzy inside and only LOVE can do that! The chicken and french toast from the Marietta Local is, by far, one of my favorite meals EVER and I cannot wait to go back!!!

Torielnelson 5 months ago

Famous Fried Chicken Sandwich

We love this restaurant. There are so many cool-looking restaurants on the Marietta square but we can't bring ourselves to try them because we eat here every chance we get! So far we haven't tried anything on the menu that we didn't love. My boyfriend says this is the best chicken sandwich he's ever had in his life. Long story short, this place is so good!

Alexandra 6 months ago

Chicken-N-French Toast

We recently moved to the area and are having a hard time finding new restaurants that we love. We decided to give The Marietta Local a try and were blown away! The chicken and french toast was AMAZING! I would love to try other things on the menu but this dish was so good I know that's what I'll end up ordering again. Can't wait to go back!

Guest 8 months ago

Cheese Omelet*

Loved it!

Joemosman 1 day ago


Lovely restaurant and a peaceful and southern comfort dining experience. Would recommend to family and friends!

Valued Customer 6 days ago

Local Burger

I love the Local Burger. It always hits the spot and I particularly enjoy the tomatoes and house made pickles. I've never had a bad experience at The Marietta Local - friendly staff, delicious food, and despite it's popularity, the timing always works out to where I've never had trouble finding a place to sit. Definitely recommend!

Becca 15 days ago

Famous Fried Chicken Sandwich

There's nothing fresher than this sandwich at the Local! I've tried several items here, but this is my go to! The pickles and slaw are AMAZING!

Jjohnson0208 22 days ago

Chicken-N-French Toast

If you're looking for a place with food so good that you would consider getting their name tattooed somewhere on your body... this is it!! They say that God created the Heavens and the Earth in 6 days and the 7th day He rested.... not true. He was making this place! I had the Chicken-N-French Toast but had them Nashville the chicken. I will never be able to eat French Toast anywhere else! Only thing I didn't like was the commute. It's in Marietta and I live in Virginia... Currently on Zillow as we speak!

John about 2 months ago

Nashville Hot Chicken

One of the best places to eat around. We love the Local and the Nashville Hot Chicken plate is amazing. This place is a must try as everything we have tried is really great. I'm still trying to go by there to pick up a biscuit on my way to work one of these days.

Jordanbuckley92 about 2 months ago

Chicken-N-French Toast

My family and I found The Marietta Local by luck and it was the best part of our morning! The staff was great at welcoming us and getting us familiar with the menu. The French toast was outstanding and the fried chicken lived up to the hype. The coffee was phenomenal as well. Definitely will be going back soon!

Madicrane 2 months ago

Grilled Peach Salad

So good! 🥗 😍

Libertyot 2 months ago

Chicken-N-French Toast

My cousin and I visited. The menu looked amazing so we got the chicken and French toast, a biscuit, and a side of bacon to share. The French toast was one of my all-time favorites and the fried chicken really did live up to its name. The girls that worked there were very kind and friendly and helpful. We will be back!

Aliinarousu 3 months ago

Chicken-N-French Toast

The best Nashville Hot Chicken in the world. I can taste it just thinking about. The only problem is they close early like 2:00 pm or 1400 depending on how you read a watch. So here's what you do. Don't walk, but run on your lunch break to the local. Say hello to the friendly staff and you can order whatever you like, but I'd say your doing it wrong if you don't try the Nashville Hot Chicken. Pair the chicken with the fluffy French toast! First it's spicy. Then it's sweet! But if hot food isn't you're thing your can't go wrong with the original fried chicken. Lightly fried to juicy perfection. So run don't walk to the local to get your chicken fix! You won't regret it!

Guest 4 months ago

Mom's Meatloaf Sandwich

I'm not a big sandwich person, but this is to die for. The meatloaf is always tender and juicy, and the flavors all work together beautifully. It is like a symphony to my palate!

Delaneywhite217 4 months ago

Nashville Hot Wrap

I look forward to going to The Local and getting this wrap every time I'm in town. The Nashville hot chicken is incredible and their homemade ranch goes perfectly with it. A perfect testament to good homestyle cooking in Marietta!

Guest 5 months ago

Local Fried Chicken

so good

Ldblaw65 5 months ago

Mom's Meatloaf

I NEVER eat meatloaf out so I tried the sandwich first, and its delicious especially with the pimento cheese addition! You can't go wrong with this dish!!

Sydneyadams62 5 months ago

Chicken Biscuit

The Marietta Local fried chicken biscuit is hands down my favorite biscuit ever! The biscuit is so flaky and the chicken is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. If you like spicy, get the Nashville hot sauce on the side to dip! I could go on and on about how good the Local is! There's nothing I have tried there and didn't absolutely love!

Citlallyjasso24 5 months ago

Blue Devil Burger

The best burger ever!!! I love going here because everyone is so friendly and always willing to help! Definitely a must try!

Kevinsjunkfolder87 6 months ago

Chicken-N-French Toast

The combination of the hot savory and sweet in the Chicken and french toast is so good. I'm not from Georgia and so the idea of it is different for me, but after having it I will come back for more. The chicken is cooked very well and the flavor of the french toast and fruit is delicious!

Daniel 7 months ago

Nashville Hot Wrap

My favorite thing on this whole menu!


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