Take it from our clients....

"Have you ever paid a hundred dollars or more to attend a banquet of some kind and arrived anticipating
a great evening and then been totally disappointed by the typical rubber chicken dinner??

You have a better alternative!!

We held a $100 per plate fundraiser for the Park Street Elementary PTA last Saturday and we solved the
problem of "The Rubber Chicken Dinner"!! People raved about the food. I did not hear a single complaint or even faint praise! People expressed wonderful appreciation for the food.

We had the dinner catered by Jim Tidwell's The Marietta Local! We served their world famous boneless, skinless fried chicken breasts (Moist!), Mom's Grilled Meatloaf, and the creamiest shrimp and grits in Georgia! These were accompanied with mashed potatoes and gravy and the unique and slightly spicy collard greens! (the recipe for those greens is a secret). The tables were pre-set with wonderful salads, rolls, and biscuits along with little mason jars of Pimento cheese, butter and jams as well as creamy Banana Pudding for dessert!!! And they didn't scrimp on the quantities either.

Will Mitchell, Catering Director, and his staff coordinated and worked with our facility staff and totally made the meal happen. Just stay out of their way 
and you will be more than pleased. They were professional, attentive, and unobtrusive in planning, serving, replenishing, and bussing.

Thank You to The Marietta Local!! You made our event a success!!"

-Dr. Tim Boone
Secretary, PSE PTA