If you like Southern Breakfast and Lunch this is the spot. I personally recommend the fried chicken and the grits also deserve honorable mention. Do not let the line intimidate you. All the options are great and you will need time to decide. The manager personally seated and introduced himself to everyone. All the employees seemed ha ... read more
callie wiley via - Feb 13, 2019
The Chicken and French toast was really delicious. The chicken had the right amount of seasoning, very juicy...I was hoping for a big piece of breast. Great customer service.
Juan Roldan via - Feb 10, 2019
Charles/Penny Carroll via - Feb 10, 2019
It really is the best chicken anywhere ...
It really is the best chicken anywhere. And the restaurant is run like a well oiled machine.
Bryan B. via - Feb 10, 2019
Friendliest service you will ever find and some of the tastiest southern comfort food ... read more
Brandon Banks via - Feb 8, 2019
Top notchGREAT COFFEETheres nothing ...
Top notchGREAT COFFEETheres nothing worse than having an AMAZING BREAKFAST with a side of dirty water.  This is not the case here.  The coffee is strong and delicious.Fried Chicken - ridiculous.  So good.  Grits - OMG I don't even know what these are I am from New York but they are the most delicious whatever they are I've ever taste ... read more
Stephanie R. via - Feb 7, 2019
Fantastic place to grab breakfast. Fast, friendly, well staffed, and upbeat atmosphere. Would recommend.
Blondifox via - Feb 7, 2019
Fantastic Chicken & French toast ...
Fantastic Chicken & French toast. Coffee is superb as well. Very comfortable place to relax and enjoy the friendly atmosphere.
Calvin T. via - Feb 6, 2019
Soooo good. Seriously. If you are ...
Soooo good. Seriously. If you are near the Marietta Square do yourself a favor and stop in at The Marietta Local. Delicious breakfasts and lunches. I've been there more than a dozen times and the food is fresh and made to order each visit. French toast and waffles is a crowd favorite. Their chicken biscuit is THE chicken biscuit. If ... read more
Josh W. via - Feb 6, 2019
Updated Feb 2019 review: Went with my dad and enjoyed their chicken buscuits for the first time. They were pretty good! The biscuits are nice and fresh. Definitely was even better after I added some grape jelly! My dad enjoyed the buscuit also. Initial review: Have yet to try their chicken biscuit, but the fried chicken and french ... read more
Marinachica ! via - Feb 4, 2019
Terrific meatloaf!
Great location on Marietta Square. Great meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Huge servings, enough to take another meal home. Friendly staff. Not cheap, but really good food.
happyretireeAtlanta via - Feb 2, 2019
Good breakfast or lunch place on ...
Good breakfast or lunch place on the square. Love the hash browns. Not an easy place for someone allergic to dairy but doable ... read more
Karen K. via - Feb 2, 2019
I find myself in Marietta for work ...
I find myself in Marietta for work pretty frequently, and I've had my eye on The Marietta Local for a while now. I was in the mood for Southern food, and the idea of fried chicken was too enticing. I ordered the chicken and French toast along with a side of quinoa salad. Everything is tasty, particularly that fried chicken. Tender bo ... read more
Jerry C. via - Jan 31, 2019
First time in the area even though ...
First time in the area even though I've lived near for almost 3 years. Stopped in for a quick lunch date. We were immediately greeted at the door and given an overview of the menu. Very helpful staff. The owner even came by our table. I liked him immediately. Lol. We decided to share the chicken and French toast. This was more than e ... read more
Shanita C. via - Jan 30, 2019
Love the food and everyone is very friendly.
Amy Stallfus via - Jan 28, 2019
Very good organized restaurant
The food was superb but what I like the best of this place was the diligent staff. They are always on top of everything and develop ways to make all your experience as comfortable as possible. My friends always left some food to go but...More ... read more
Pillitiquis via - Jan 28, 2019
Excellent Local Diner
Stopped here for lunch. There was a little line, but restaurant was run extremely efficient. A lady asked us how many we were with, name and reserved a seat. You order at the front counter , sit at your reserved table and the food is...More ... read more
GaryL288 via - Jan 28, 2019
Where oh where do I begin??? As ...
Where oh where do I begin??? As long as I've been coming to this area, how did I miss this gem of a restaurant??? We wanted some good brunch on a Saturday and this spot was highly recommended. When we arrived, it was jam packed, making me rethink my decision to come but when I realized how fast they were moving the line, I was on boa ... read more
TaNesha M. via - Jan 25, 2019
It's expensive but the food is great. Everyone that works there is also quite nice.
Nick Main via - Jan 25, 2019
This place has the best biscuits ...
This place has the best biscuits, definitely get one! Had the veggie omelet and the chicken biscuit, SO GOOD! Such a cute place and very friendly!
Amy W. via - Jan 24, 2019
Great food award wining chicken ...
Great food award wining chicken and amazing personalized service. They have won chicken sandwich awards For 5 years in a row ... read more
Jim V. via - Jan 22, 2019
Fried chicken is what they excel at. Friendly people, reasonable prices ... read more
Michael O'Neill via - Jan 22, 2019
So great! Always great food. We travel 45 miles to get here... No regrets!
Kirk Wilson via - Jan 21, 2019
Nice, little hectic, good food and I love making my coffee there ... read more
Thalia Taylor via - Jan 21, 2019
This fun little spot is cute, and the food is amazing. Counter service, but the cooks turn the food pretty quickly and they'll reserve a table for you sit. About the best grits I've had in the South, the fried chicken is divine. No joke, Jesus himself was sitting next to me talking about how good it was. And the cookies, oh lawdy th ... read more
Dustin Follett via - Jan 21, 2019
My sister and I stopped here on our way to Atlanta. We drove 3h to get here and would do it again in a heartbeat! The fried chicken sandwich is the best I’ve ever had! Tender chicken, amazing slaw combo and crispy fries! I would’ve...More ... read more
TwinBkp via - Jan 19, 2019
The breakfast fried chicken was amazing. I got the chicken biscuit. So delicious. The chicken and French toast looked fantastic too.
Jacob Hill via - Jan 18, 2019
Great place!
Cj Young via - Jan 17, 2019
I ordered the meatloaf sandwich ...
I ordered the meatloaf sandwich which was incredible. The meatloaf was moist and better than mine! My husband ordered the chicken and French toast which he seriously enjoyed. Our toddler had the grits which were creamy and had just the right amount of cheese.There are very limited vegetarian options on the lunch menu which was a prob ... read more
Sheena G. via - Jan 16, 2019
The chicken 'n french toast is my favorite! I've yet to try anything else because I can't resist :) Also, the customer service is awesome. They're always so friendly and upbeat.
Sharelle Melnichenko via - Jan 16, 2019
I've visited Atlanta three times now and this is my first time trying this place. A mistake! I should have been eating there every time! The food is to die for, the staff is so sweet! And it's the coziest place I've been to in Atlanta, with a great location with plenty to do after eating there. Wow! Blown away!
Katelynn Gonzalez via - Jan 15, 2019
Get the fried chicken.
Penni Goldman via - Jan 15, 2019
Great vegan sides! So yummy. Pretty ...
Great vegan sides! So yummy. Pretty crowded but if it's a nice day lots of outside seating. Service is wonderful. I had quinoa salad with sweet potatoes, green beans in tomato sauce and collard greens. Loved it all!
Bonnie L. via - Jan 12, 2019
Like the sign said...the best coffee! Also, loved the breakfast sandwich!! Fantastic and friendly staff!
Ali Emami via - Jan 12, 2019
Found this restaurant a couple years ago. They have been in the papers for their chicken. I'm telling you my family and I love it. The best chicken and stone ground grits I've ever had. And I had never heard of chicken and waffles till I had it at Marietta local. Try it and you will be hooked.
robin vaszko via - Jan 9, 2019
Great food all the time it's local, fresh, tasty and never dry. They stop serving breakfast after 11a but lunch is awesome. They own base camp provisions as well. Go head and try it great service ... read more
C Akonful via - Jan 9, 2019
Great food and employees are always ...
Great food and employees are always really nice and helpful! My personal favorite is chicken biscuit. You can tell it's all homemade!
Kay B. via - Jan 8, 2019
Very good 5 stars! I would recommend ...
Very good 5 stars! I would recommend this place to anyone.  Great place for breakfast!
Nu A. via - Jan 6, 2019
Always a great lunch option on the square, great food!!
Jessica Long via - Jan 5, 2019
Glad to see this one on the Square. A welcome staple. Chicken biscuits and/or omlettes are my recommendation. If going for lunch, the chicken salad sarnie is tops! Best seats are outside or facing the street from within.
R Cranford via - Jan 3, 2019
This was my first time at a Marietta favorite. It ain't fancy! The menu is short and sweet and everything was done perfectly ... read more
Mike Leibowitz via - Dec 31, 2018
I got the French toast and fried ...
I got the French toast and fried chicken. It was tasty . Larger portions but extremely pricey. $20 for French toast n chicken with coffee and house potatoes. The apples in the French toast were deliciousAfter being informed about the ingredients being local and fresh I now understand why this place is a bit pricey I also forgot to ta ... read more
Kia A. via - Dec 29, 2018
Good food for the price. Fresh ...
Good food for the price. Fresh and tasty. My wife had butternut squash soup and cranberr winter salad and i had the grilled chicken sandwich.  Well seasoned and tasty! We wiil definitely eat here again when we're in the area!
Daniel B. via - Dec 27, 2018
This place is an incredible place to eat! Their chicken and French toast is something to behold. The staff was incredibly friendly as well. Well worth the wait if there is one. Lord bless!
Ryan M. via - Dec 26, 2018
Friendly staff that keep the lines/seating moving smoothly. Great food on every visit... THE best chicken biscuit for breakfast.
Kerri DB via - Dec 22, 2018
Their chicken biscuit is the best biscuit I've ever laid my lips on!! Love this place!!
rachel honeycut honeycutt via - Dec 22, 2018
Always great food.
Sue Greenwood via - Dec 22, 2018
Great Nashville hot chicken sandwich ...
Great Nashville hot chicken sandwich. Cute friendly environment and on the Marietta square!
Parker S. via - Dec 21, 2018
I went to breakfast and was greeted by a friendly staff member who explained the menu and told me about the most popular dishes. Then she even offered me a coffee while I waited for my party to arrive. You order at the counter and then they bring you your food. They are only open for breakfast and lunch and begin serving lunch at 11.
Jaimee Goodfellow via - Dec 17, 2018
Cheat day Must...this place is ...
Cheat day Must...this place is crowded and now I know why.  Everything we had was amazing...make sure you go for breakfast and  breakfast does stop at a certain time...after we went to the farmers market ... read more
Shaeen S. via - Dec 14, 2018
Great Lunch
We've been here on several occasions and the food has been consistently good. I get the Nashville hot wrap every time with fries. My wife has had the meatloaf, chicken sandwich, and Fried Chicken. All have been excellent.
N7144XPshawnm via - Dec 13, 2018
This review is about a year late ...
This review is about a year late, but I dig this place. I wanted to show my brother some local fare and took him here for the first time around Christmas last year. We had to have the fried chicken and French toast! I tend to like my French toast/pancakes/waffles served traditionally with syrup because I like them sweet. I usually ca ... read more
Jessica B. via - Dec 11, 2018
Nice, clean, good service and good food. It's quick, so I like to go there for lunch.
Steve Matta via - Dec 10, 2018
Had the french toast N chicken ...
Had the french toast N chicken, w/ the clam chowder, VERY GOOD! Staff was friendly, just a little overwhelming in there because everybody wants some!
Natalie S. via - Dec 10, 2018
Great service, great food, friendly atmosphere.
Bob Stiles via - Dec 8, 2018
I finally understand the hype behind The Marietta Local--the food is just downright amazing! I ordered the Buffalo Chicken wrap and I couldn't eat it fast enough. It had just the right amount of flavor and spiciness. I don't even like french fries and I couldn't stop eating them--the homemade Ranch dressing is a must have. This is d ... read more
Kindra Howard via - Dec 4, 2018
Well organized and helpful ... read more
Ann Culp via - Dec 2, 2018
Long lines for a reason....fantastic menu and Delicious breakfast options.
Seth Grobman via - Nov 27, 2018
Best breakfast in Marietta ... read more
Freya Block via - Nov 27, 2018
Loved it ... read more
Salman Ally via - Nov 26, 2018
The 4 year running award winning Fried Chicken was excellent!
Jim von Stockhausen via - Nov 26, 2018
First time there with my wife,friendly environment,the staff is on top of things,you walk in and someone welcome's is fresh,hot,and delicious.we will be back.👍 ... read more
Jose Torres via - Nov 24, 2018
Delicious chicken and waffles.
Delicious chicken and waffles... the chicken is fried and seasoned to perfection every time! Service is always great!
Dannie I. via - Nov 24, 2018
Food is great! Service is great.. They just need to add Mac n cheese to the menu!
Nick Kerner via - Nov 24, 2018
Great Breakfast
Fantastic and unusual chicken dishes for breakfast and lunch such as Tennessee Hot Chicken and chicken with waffles. There is usually a long line to order, but it moves fast. Great food and excellent service right off the S E corner of the Marietta Square.
william s via - Nov 23, 2018
food and service very good. I would recommend but it is not world class fryed chicken just of the best in the area.
Ruth Billmeyer via - Nov 21, 2018
Omg!! Best food ever!
Andrea Smith via - Nov 21, 2018
I went here for a meeting and oh ...
I went here for a meeting and oh my! The food was so good and the people were nice. Though it was busy when we arrived, one of the hostess helped us find a table and order our food. The Chicken tenders were so GOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!! I mean it's like heaven in my mouth. I definitely look forward to going again.
Joy N. via - Nov 19, 2018
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